Norflex Quality

We comply with certification standard ISO9001:2008

Volumetric Expansion Test

(Certification Standart SAEJ 1401 and FMVSS 106 12.A.3)

First, this test concerns 1000 psi applied to a 1- metre brake hose for 10 seconds.
Second, the pressure is released and then, the amount of brake fluid leaked out of the brake hose is measured.
The amount of brake fluid shall be less than 0.100 cm3/ m.
Our brake hose averages 0.078 cm3/ m.
In other words, when the brake pedal is pressed, the fluid pressure directly enters the wheel cylinder on the grounds that our brake hose products do not swell (i.e. low volumetric expansion).

Pressure Resistance Test


This test involves a two-minute pressure application up to 483 kg/cm2. Then, pressure is applied until the brake hose bursts.
NORFLEX’s brake hose is subjected to a 5-hour pressure amounting to 500kg/cm2. Then, we make the brake hose burst under 750kg/cm2.

Traction Resistance Test


This test concerns the application of traction to end- fittings until they come out withstanding a minimum of 168 kilogram-force.
Our brake hose withstands up to 290 kilogram-force.

Hot Impulse Test

(STANDARD FMVSS 106 12.A.12)

The brake hose is placed in an oven under a controlled temperature of 146°C and it is subjected to a 109kg/cm2 pressure over 1 minute and the next minute without pressure; this is performed 150 times.
Our brake hose has passed the test.

Water Absorption Strength Test

The Water Absorption Strength Test means that the outer rubber layer is removed and then it is immersed in water for 24 hours and finally it undergoes The Pressure Resistance Test.”
In the past, a cotton thread was used to strengthen the brake hose. Still, when this type of thread was immersed in water, 50 % resistance was lost and then, the brake hose could not pass the test. A latex coating (no rubber) was introduced and it was included between the two layers of textile reinforcement so that the water could not affect the inner reinforcement. The brake hose passed the test.
Nowadays, nearly all brake hose manufacturers do not use this latex coating between the textile reinforcements since cotton threads are no longer used. Rather, high-tenacity synthetic fibers are used which could not be affected by water.
In Europe, companies such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, among others, use the same type of brake hose we produce.


The Highest Quality Safety

This process shows how NORFLEX has passed all tests following international standards to ensure the highest quality safety.