Brake Hose Product Manufacturing

Norflex has been dedicated to brake hose manufacturing while focused on an on-going enhanced production process for over 30 years by way of incorporating cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art materials for the purposes of manufacturing.
Our bake hose products have complied with both international quality standards and standard SAE J1401.
As the following picture shows, NORFLEX’s brake hose consists of an inner rubber tube (A), especially for supplying brake fluid and two- braided layers (B and C), which are comprised of high-tenacity filaments withstanding high pressures up to 800 Bars surpassing the required 500- Bar standard. The outer rubber layer (D) is designed to resist harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun (Ozone Layer) which damage rubber material and achieves a low volumetric expansion resulting in no swell increment under working conditions: our brake hose products may endure up to 100 bars.

Norflex Expertise

We have been producing brake hose products globally for over 30 years.

End-Fittings Manufacturing

Norflex manufactures the whole end-fitting set. Since 2003, the company uses a new technology called cold forming which leads to no loss of materials- as opposed to drilling- when it comes to end-fittings production.

In the past, brass end-fittings were used which meant a 60%-loss of materials. This new technology reduces material losses. Cost-effectively manufacturing means that NORFLEX’s production has increased sixfold at no extra costs.

The next picture depicts raw materials chosen to produce the same piece as a result of actual technology as opposed to the prior method.
Toyoda became the first company to use this technology on behalf of the company Toyota and most of European manufacturers have adopted this method so far.

Norflex End-Fittings

We produce end-fittings for the largest car manufacturers.